Terms and conditions


Terms and conditions of purchase, together with the order and confirmed by an order confirmation constitute the contract is based on the total of your purchase.

Purchases in the online store are made by credit card.

The purchase contracts binding can be signed with a minor without the approval of your parent or guardian. The purchase contracts are binding and it can be made with only people over the age of 15 years. Credit purchases can only be made by persons over the age of 18 years. When you purchase OTC medications online, there is an age limit of 18 years.

Consumer purchases are regulated by law on purchases of consumers and of the law on the right of withdrawal by the law on the marketing, the personal data act, the act on electronic commerce and the law on credit purchase. When these conditions of sale requires the preparation of a written document, this is accomplished through the use of e-mail or post.

 you accept responsibility in accordance with the applicable law, but does not assume the responsibility to a greater extent than that which is at any time by applicable law.

Booking and appointment

Your order is binding once it has been logged and sent to our ordering system. We are bound by your order, even if it deviates from what was offered in our online store, in our marketing or in any other way.

Upon receipt of the order, the buyer will automatically receive an e-mail with the order confirmation. Read your confirmation carefully and verify that it matches the order.

The seller reserves the right to modify or cancel all or part of the order if the product ordered by the buyer is out of stock. If this should happen, buyer will be contacted, if necessary, information on an alternative item.

The price changes that occur after the time of the order, who are not related to the errors, not have a retroactive effect. If there are any errors in typing or printing of any significant size, or errors in the automatic calculation of prices, you can cancel or deny orders. This is true even if the customer received an order confirmation or similar. These errors must be corrected within a reasonable period of time after discovery of the error.


We strive to provide our customers with the most accurate information possible regarding our products. However, we reserve the right to make mistakes typing or printing, that may mean that we cannot deliver according to the information provided in our online store, our marketing or the other. The information on each individual product is sourced from our supplier and, unfortunately, even here, errors may occur. Images on our pages may in some cases differ from the actual appearance of the product.

The information referred to in point should not replace professional help in case of serious illness. We are not responsible for the misuse of our products. If you have symptoms of long-term or recurring, or if you have any doubts about your serious illness, consult a doctor.


If the buyer discovers or should have discovered a flaw or defect in the article, it must inform the customer service within a reasonable period that shall call upon the defect (complaint).

If there is a mismatch between the order and the item delivered, the buyer must contact the customer service and complain within a reasonable time.

If there is a defect in the actual thing, and the consumer complained about within a reasonable time, the buyer can claim:

  • Correction or return
  • Cancellation of the purchase
  • Replacement
  • Keep the purchase price

For more details, please refer to the law on the sale of consumer goods.

Personal information

All those who work in are bound by professional confidentiality. When you make purchases with us, we need information about your name, address, and e-mail, so we can deliver the goods in a safe manner, as well as to contact you about the conditions related to the order. The information must be kept in relation to the accounts, the management of the boards and the management of returns.

We collect and store the information on which pages, categories and products are viewed or searched for to improve your shopping experience. Can’t we go back to the individual visitor. You can learn more here

Card numbers are not stored beyond what is necessary for the effective management of any problems with the debit card, a cancellation of the reservation, and credit.

If you register with us, you have the opportunity to register the information of the payment, and more than one delivery address to make it quicker to purchase.

 do not sell personal information to third parties nor trade, or transmit such information to third parties. The exception is from the information requests and public authorities.

Extraordinary conditions

 responds to the loss of the object only if it were proven defects or errors. However, this does not apply if the shows that the defect is due to circumstances beyond our control and which could not reasonably expect that would avoid or exceed the consequences.

 is not liable for indirect damage, consequential damage due to the defects, unless the damage is due to gross negligence .

In the case of purchases by consumers, the conditions may not be worse than those laid down by the law on consumer purchases.

Change in terms

 reserves the right to modify the present terms and also after changes to the law.

Force majeure

 is not responsible for any direct or indirect loss suffered by the buyer as a result of force majeure, including strikes, lockouts, wars, fires, disasters, interruptions in telecommunication or electricity supply, etc., The purchase may be cancelled in whole or in part unless such conditions are permanent. If the incidents are of a temporary nature, both of the parties may ask for the postponement of the delivery period.