About us

Our online pharmacy is a response to the needs of our customers who are struggling with problems of erectile dysfunction and at the same time value their time and their integrity. Our goal was to create a pharmacy that would make it treatable in that time, and when. The vision that controls us is clear: we all want those who suffer from these malfunctions are able to receive the drug in a short time without a prescription, and then you can enjoy the health and energy at that time and in that hour of time.

On the basis of a particular emphasis on pharmacological treatment, we have gained the trust and sympathy of a large group of satisfied patients. In our list you can find your product in the form of pills and jelly. We also have products for women and combined pills (to prevent premature ejaculation). To these belong, Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Kamagra.

We want to offer a pharmaceutical service and meet the needs of our customers to the highest level possible. Therefore, in addition to the wide range of these medications, our pharmacies have prepared discounts and offers available on our web site, as well as plans, customer loyalty loyal customers.

Why is it worth to buy from our online pharmacy?

Individual adjustment

We approach each order individually, and seek to serve the customers as we want to, we will come to serve. This means that all shipments are carefully packaged in bags or boxes that do not reveal the content, and the delivery usually takes place several days after the order.

Professional staff

We have an online support is available throughout the day, that is the order to assist you in your problems. Based on the immediate opportunity to contact us and logistic issues we do not have fixed points, which considerably reduces the time of service. The friendly and professional staff is a standard one and another positive aspect is that you will experience in our pharmacy.

The tested products

All the products that we sell have been clinically tested and marketed. Come from a reliable source, and their activities have been scientifically tested and validated. It has been shown that the subjective evaluation of the standard of the sexual life is improved in patients taking drugs of this group.

Good prices

In addition to the fact that we continuously develop our range, we try to make it available at a competitive price. We offer a lot of offers and price reductions. The price decline also occurs when you buy larger quantities of the drug. At regular intervals, it is possible to find a lot of seasonal promotions and get your favorite product at a great price.

Complete discretion.

Each order is packaged in this manner, do not reveal the content. The box or bubble envelope does not contain words or adhesives that may indicate the intended use of the medicinal products ordered. The tape on which are engraved not contain logos, or names of official shops. We care about your privacy and respect your privacy. You need not worry, nor the postman or the next will know of your purchase.


People who are interested in our products, are asked to register and to subscribe to the newsletter, we systematically for the latest trends, the discounted products, and the results (e.g., seasonal).

Our values

 it is driven by values such as professionalism, willingness to help people who suffer from ED, with respect to the latter, people and respect for their value and the choice of therapy.

We keep the formulations under appropriate conditions (temperature, humidity, lighting is recommended), and it seems that the products purchased are of excellent quality and long-lasting. Even if the drugs are sold without a prescription, it is recommended that you first consult with your doctor. Remember also that we do not give you medical advice or diagnosis. We keep all medicines and medical devices in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health – protecting them from sunlight, dust, dirt, and damage to, from direct contact with the walls and the floor.

We strive to maintain our competitive services on the market.

And rxpharmacytop.com meets the needs of patients who need a wide range of products and professional service, as well as a shopping safe and convenient – but to get out of the house.

We invite you to buy online. The patient is always the most important for us.